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It can be hard to make a living doing what you love, whether you’re an artist, musician, dancer, writer, or sculptor. To start, ensure you’re well-represented online and in your community. You can also try taking on a job that involves your talents. Follow a few simple steps to ensure you’re taking care of yourself.

Here are some ideas on how you can make a living as an artist. Remember that every journey is unique; yours may not match anyone else’s. In other words, you might need to create a new patch for yourself.

Selling Art on Social Media

Did you know that people sell artwork on social media? For example, Instagram has become a popular place for artists and art lovers. This is great news for anyone starting, as it eliminates the need to rely on the social ladder to get noticed. Through the platform, you can connect with potential buyers from all around the world.

To follow this route, you must first establish a social media following. This will determine how many people are interested in your work.

Grants and Competitions

Various non-profit organizations, international programs, and local communities provide grants to artists. These are usually aimed at supporting young artists, promoting culture, or addressing a certain issue. Sometimes, local institutions require pieces of art to decorate their buildings.

You can apply for these programs by going to a website that lists various programs and contests you’re eligible to enter. For instance, you can search for “grants for artists” or “artist contests.” You’ll likely find multiple programs that allow you to exhibit and win cash prizes.

Follow the news about your profession and organization on social media.

Sell Prints

Professional artists such as sculptors, painters, and designers can make a living by selling high-quality prints and copies of their work. This gig allows them to diversify their audience and provide them with a convenient long-term income. Unfortunately, this setup tends to generate less revenue than other options, so it would be wise not to rely solely on it.


One of the most popular strategies artists and designers can use to make money is selling commissions. This can be done online and offline, and you must mention in your bio that you’re willing to accept these types of payments. A strong social media presence will allow you to reach out to potential clients and build a network.