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Lacey Flanagan

Arts & Culture

Lacey Flanagan is a passionate artist based in Yarmouth, Maine. Lacey loves the arts and everything surrounding them. She also loves nature, traveling, and animals.

Ever since she was a little girl, Lacey Flanagan has been drawn to the arts. She knew that she wanted to find a way to develop a creative yet professional career. With determination and perseverance, Lacey managed to find the perfect path to follow. 

It all began in high school when Lacey Flanagan began experimenting with different art forms, styles, and mediums. She was determined to find the perfect one and didn’t care how many things she had to try to get there. This resulted in her taking dozens of different art classes and never passing up any opportunities. Ultimately, Lacey Flanagan fell in love with painting and turned this into her lifelong career. 

Lacey Flanagan’s artwork is very much one-of-a-kind. She loves color and vibrancy, and this love shines through in each painting. Lacey has a talent for bringing her paintings to life, and she credits this to her ability to connect with her subjects. This is a talent Lacey Flanagan had to work hard to develop, and it didn’t come naturally. She often revisits the same subjects again and again, and through this method can learn so much about them – and how to portray them in her paintings. 

Due to the way Lacey Flanagan experiments with different art styles, many people would describe her art as a combination of impressionistic and practicality. However, there’s no denying that each piece showcases how Lacey views the world. To see some of the pieces Lacey has created, visit 

Interestingly, Lacey Flanagan’s quest to find the perfect artistic medium for her life provided her with another passion: music. Over the years, Lacey has experimented with several different instruments; for a time, she even considered pursuing one as a career. However, as we all know, painting ultimately won out. 

Lacey Flanagan firmly believes that anyone can be an artist – if willing to put the time and effort into it. She enjoys teaching local art classes, as they are a way to help those around her find a new passion in life. If you stop by the Yarmouth recreation center, you may just spot Lacey Flanagan teaching a painting class.  

One of the ways Lacey Flanagan finds new inspiration for her artwork is through travel. She loves to pack up her painting gear and see the world. While exploring, Lacey will gladly take the time to sit down and paint what is in front of her. In this way, she keeps her artwork fresh. 

When Lacey Flanagan isn’t busy painting or traveling, she enjoys spending time on her other hobbies in life. These hobbies include hiking and spending time outdoors. She also enjoys giving back to her community, usually through volunteer work. Lacey especially loves volunteering to help better the lives of animals and children. As they are the most vulnerable members of our society, Lacey Flanagan feels we should all step up to provide them with aid and resources.

To learn more about Lacey Flanagan, visit her website about travel,

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